Nilsson Pipe and Cable Locators

The Nilsson Model 715 Pipe and Cable Locator is a compact, rugged, lightweight unit developed to be the finest conductive type locator for Cathodic Protection use. Standard accessories include headphones, lantern battery and extension.

The transmitter and receiver assembly is housed within a weatherproof, aluminum, compact case providing ample storage room for accessories.

Features of the Model 715 Pipe and Cable Locator include:

  • Solid-state technology
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Signal frequency and interrupter rate variable, allowing the operator to adjust for optimum signal
  • Three output impedance ranges for stage amplifier
  • Extremely sensitive four stage amplifer for the receiver
  • The transmitter can be operated with external batteries
    (i.e., car battery)
  • Maintenance is limited to changing or recharging the batteries

Nilsson Soil Resistance Meter

The Nilsson 4-Pin Soil Resistance Meter, Model 400 is designed for taking soil resistivity measurements in the field. Offering a wide range of operating parameters, the Nilsson Soil Resistance Meters provide excellent damping and response time and cannot be harmed by extreme unbalance, are insensitive to AC or DC ground currents and can be utilized with 4, 3 or 2 pin methods. These units are housed within a rugged, weatherproof, lightweight aluminum case.

DeFelsko® Coating and Wall Thickness Gauges

Defelsko manufactures a wide range of accurate and durable Coating and Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges.

The DeFelsko® Coating Thickness Gauges utilize magnetic and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness for non-magnetic coatings, such as paint, enamel, and plating, on steel. Calibration is not required for most applications.

The DeFelsko® Wall Thickness Gauges measure materials such as steel, cast iron and plastic. These units are ideal for measuring the effect of corrosion on tanks, pipelines any other structures where access is limited to one side.

DeFelsko® Thickness Gauges available include:

  • PosiTector 6000 Series Coating Thickness Gauge
  • PosiTector DFT Coating Thickness Gauge
  • PosiTector 200 Series Coating Thickness Gauge
  • PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge