Rustrol® Systems, Cathodic lsolator®, Model: Cl

ICCC manufactures Rustrol® Systems for worldwide distribution. The Rustrol® solid-state Cathodic Isolator® are essential components for safely isolating cathodically protected structures (i.e. pipelines).

Rustrol® Systems are designed to protect personnel and equipment from electrical disturbances. Rustrol® Systems effectively block cathodic protection DC voltages; all other electrical disturbances are freely conducted to ground, such as:

  • AC Fault Current
  • Mitigation of induced AC Voltages
  • Lightning

Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® is available in common models with rated A.C. fault current exposure parameters in accordance with the attached Specification Sheet CI-01. Voltage thresholds and other operating parameters are to be specified by the customer.

The Cathodic Isolator® effectively blocks the protective DC current needed for cathodic protection while providing a grounding path for; AC fault currents, lightning, induced AC, power switching surge currents or any other electrical disturbance. The result: Personnel and Equipment are safely protected against shock hazards.

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® which features electronic/electrical construction throughout, responds instantly and offers a “fail-safe”, maintenance-free performance in an electrolyte-free environment.

Cathodic protection is most efficiently and uniformly applied when the primary structure is electrically isolated – (i.e., all metallic/electrical contacts with foreign metallic structures are eliminated).

Electrical isolation provides three major benefits:

  • Restriction of the required protective current to the surface of the primary structure to produce a uniform polarized level of protection.
  • Minimization of stray DC current interference.
  • Prevention of galvanic current between metallic structures.

Rustrol®’s Proven Quality Assures Reliable Operation

The Cathodic Isolator® and associated hardware feature the most advanced and reliable components available today. Each critical component is precisely machined and carefully assembled to meet Rustrol®’s exceptionally stringent quality assurance standards. The easy-to-mount standard NEMA 4 enclosure simplifies installation.

Research and development models have undergone thorough acceptance-testing by independent high-current test facilities and have been fully approved (test data available upon request).

Applications for Cost-Effective Operation

Combined with performing a key role in safe and effective corrosion control, the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® Model: CI also  reduces both the capital and maintenance costs of cathodic protection systems.  Cost effective applications include:

  • AC Fault-Current protection across isolating flanges, assemblies and/or monolithic isolating joints and other devices.
  • Mitigation of Induced AC on pipelines and other structures.
  • Lightning protection for equipment, including Cathodic Protection Rectifier Systems.
  • Decoupling of the primary structure (e.g., fueling facility, pipe-type cable systems, etc.) from contact with the electrical utilities grounding network.


Free-Standing Fibreglass Pedestal Mount:
The Rustrol® Cathodic lsolator® Fibreglass Pedestal, Model: CIFP-36 provides a secure, maintenance-free secondary enclosure for mounting the Rustrol® Cathodic lsolator®, Model:Cl, SSP or DCD (i.e. DC Decoupling Device).

Please visit the webpage of Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® Fibreglass Pedestal Model: CIFP-36, for Typical lnstallation and additional information.

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