Earth Contact Backfill by Loresco

Loresco backfills are produced exclusively for use as earth contact backfills in cathodic protection installation. The high carbon content in the Loresco products (greater than 99%), coupled with low resistivity, assures long system performance.

The standard Loresco Backfill product line includes several different compositions of earth contact backfill, providing an optimum product selection for the various types of Cathodic Protection installation and performance requirements.

The Loresco product line includes:

  • DW-1 for Surface System and Light Duty Semi-Deep Systems
  • SC-2 for Enhanced System Performance
  • SC-3 Modified with wetting agents added
  • SW/SWK/SWS for Impressed Current Systems
  • Many others available

Powerfill Grounding Backfill

Loresco PowerFill is an economical low-resistivity grounding backfill designed specifically for the electrical grounding industry. PowerFill is an economical solution for locations where acceptable earth resistance is difficult to achieve (i.e. < 1 ohm). It is highly conductive wet or dry and does not require moisture to lower the resistance of a grounding/earthing system. PowerFill carries an NSF certification (Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 60) enabling installation close to buried potable water systems. PowerFill also contains a corrosion inhibitor which forms a film on the copper cabling creating a barrier against corrosion.

PowerFill is designed to be used in conjunction with all standard copper grounding equipment allowing for a greater variance in design that would otherwise be uneconomical.

PowerFill can be poured in dry or pumped in slurry form. No tamping required. It is very user friendly. No special tools are required.


  • Positive low resistance, electrical connection to the earth.
  • Compatible with all copper grounding systems.
  • Does not contain any hazardous chemicals.
  • Will not leak into the ground.
  • Never needs recharging.
  • Electrically conductive.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Stable permanent ground for the life of the grounding system.
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect copper.
  • Will not expand or experience any shrinkage.
  • Not affected by freezing.
  • Simple to install.
  • Excellent shelf life with no performance effects.


Loresco PowerFill is shipped in fifty (50) pound (22.7 kg) coated, woven polypropylene bags. Pallets are available with fifty (50) bags per pallet. Proven export packaging is available. Bulk bags are also available.