Casing Spacers/Insulators and
Casing End Seals

Casing Spacers and Insulators are designed to support and electrically isolate a pipeline from a casing or appurtenance through which it must pass. PSI manufactures a complete line of long life performance and easy to install Casing Spacers and Insulators used in Cathodic Protection industry to prevent bimetallic corrosion.

For economical insulation, a non-metallic spacer system, designed to ease carrier pipe insertion, reduces inventory costs and makes installation quick and easy.

When durability and strength are priorities, stainless steel casing spacers are available.

The casing spacers are manufactured in two segmented halves that are connected together during the installation.

Casing End Seals

Casing End Seals are used to create a seal or barrier between the carrier pipe and casing, effectively preventing the intrusion of ground water, and the occurrence of corrosion. Manufactured from a special compounded synthetic rubber, for any carrier/casing differential, the rubber is resistant to most chemicals commonly found in soils, and can be installed in various environments.

Fireproof casing end seals are available for installations involving a need for fire retention.