How Rustrol® Cells Work

Rustrol® Polarization Cells contain pairs of pure nickel plates immersed in KOH electrolyte. The surfaces of these plates instantly polarize when separated metallic structures are connected to opposite terminals. The polarizing film blocks DC, to contain cathodic protection current, while freely passing AC. Personnel are safely protected from shock hazards during AC faults. Insulating fittings and equipment are protected during electrical disturbances.

Separated underground or submerged metallic structures are efficiently protected. Isolated structures, which must remain effectively grounded to the AC utility network, are designed to meet this requirement in national electrical safety codes. Installations specifying Rustrol® Polarization Cells for cathodic isolation, are regularly accepted by North American electrical inspectors.

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Rustrol® Polarization Cell

Quality With a Proven Record

  • Rustrol® Polarization Cells and hardware are manufactured using only pure metals as electrical conductors. Components machined and assembled match Rustrol®‘s high quality assurance standards.
  • Researched and developed models are fully acceptance-tested to the approval of independent high current test laboratories, prior to marketing.
  • Worldwide users of Rustrol® Polarization Cells report that  maintenance is minimal when operating at their operating temperature and rated exposure conditions.
  • Service life of more then 25 years with minimal variance in the level of the electrolyte is reported.

Premium Rustrol® system with various options in a custom NEMA 4 Enclosure