Type “C” Bags by
Safety Main Stopper Co., Inc.

Safety Main Stopper Co. manufacturers a wide range of product for use in stopping off low pressure gas, oil and other related product pipelines.

Type “C” Bags are for use wherever a plain rubber bag would not hold. This covered bag consists of an inner bag made of a high quality Natural Rubber bladder that is then encased in a 100% Polyester fabric cover.

Each bag is expertly made to insure a snug fit and good shut-off when inflated.

Inflating valves are standard with each bag, and pressure gauges are recommended.

Covers can be made flame retardant and bladders can be supplied in hydrocarbon-resistant Nitrile Rubber.

Natural Rubber Type “C” Bags is not for use in oil, gasoline, kerosene, acids or any similar substances.