M.C. Miller Instrumentation

For over seventy (70) years, M.C. Miller Company has been recognized around the world for designing and manufacturing quality instrumentation/equipment for use by field personnel in the Cathodic Protection/Corrosion Control industry.

M.C. Miller offers a wide-range of current interrupters and pulse generators to satisfy a variety of Cathodic Protection applications.

All current interrupters operate on battery power and, therefore, connection to an AC supply is not required (other than to charge rechargeable batteries in certain units). The pulse generators, require connection to an AC supply for operation.

All the Current Interrupters can be utilized to interrupt both AC and DC current.  All units are rugged, very reliable and easy to operate.

M.C. Miller Current Interrupter/Pulse Generator Models available for delivery include:

  • JR-1 Current Interrupter
  • JR-2 Current Interrupter
  • CI-30 Current Interrupter

M.C. Miller Meters

The M.C. Miller Meters, are rugged and manufactured to withstand the riggers of field work.  Models range from convenient handheld units to larger multi-meters providing versatile functionality.

M.C. Miller Multi-meters can be utilized to evaluate all critical aspects of a Cathodic Protection system while providing overload protection and RFI shielding.

Potential Meters (with either analog and digital readouts) are integrated with a copper/copper sulphate reference electrode making them ideal for pipe-to-soil potential readings.

Products available from ICCC include:

  • Model B3A2 Multi-meter
  • Potential Meter Model IA
  • Digital Potential Meter Model DPM

M.C. Miller Test Kits & Test Equipment

M.C. Miller supplies a number of test kits, complete with necessary equipment and accessories for various Cathodic Protection/Corrosion Control testing applications.

ICCC can provide complete kits and/or replacement equipment and accessories.

Test Kits available from ICCC:

  • Tank Test Kit, Model ETM
  • Concrete Corrosion Mapping System
  • Soil Resistivity Test Kit
  • Four (4) Pin Test Kit
  • Soil Box
  • Test Lead Reels, Wire, Banana Plugs, Test Clips