Professional Engineering Cathodic Protection Design Services

Cathodic Protection Design – Over 65+ years of experience.
Materials Selection and Specifications
Environmental Assessments – Atmospheric Investigations, Process Industries, Underground and Underwater.
Coating Specifications and Inspections
Cathodic Protection Surveys – Commissioning and thorough efficiency analysis of C.P. Systems.
Safe Electrical Grounding Design – Maintaining efficient cathodic protection.

Custom Rustrol® Manufacturing

Rustrol® Quality Assurance – products for Cathodic Isolation/Protection.
Rustrol® Polarization Cells, Cathodic Isolators®, Surge Seals® and Gas Gaps – for safe electrical grounding and efficient Cathodic Protection.
Deep Well Anode Assemblies
Custom Anode Configurations For All Applications
Cathodic Protection Test Stations – standard and custom
Cathodic Protection Rectifiers