Water Tank Anodes

The Water Tank Extruded Magnesium Anodes are used in specialized Cathodic Protection applications to prolong the service life of water storage tanks and water heaters. These anodes offer important advantages in cost, performance (high current output to weight ratios), and easy of installation (small diameters).

Anode rods are extruded in many standard diameters, and each anode has a steel core running lengthwise through its centre, extending the life expectancy of the galvanic anode.

The Water Tank Extruded Magnesium Anodes are manufactured conforming to ASTM B 843 (latest edition).

Two types of Magnesium alloy are available for delivery:

  • Regular Potential – Grade AZ31B
  • High Potential – Grade M1X

Optional configurations for ICCC extruded magnesium anodes are:

  • Flush both ends;
  • Threaded at one (1) end of anode;
  • Fitted with a NPT forged steel plug (i.e. 3/8′ -18 NPT, 3/4′ -14 NPT, etc) at one end, hex or round head as specified by End User;
  • Exposed steel core at one (1) or both ends;
  • Anode lead wire silver soldered to steel core;