Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection Sales and Service

Galvanic Anodes, Extruded and Cast – Magnesium, zinc and aluminum.

Isolating Unions, Gaskets, Flange Isolation Sets and Monolithic Isolating Joints.

AC Fault Current and Lightning Protection – for isolating fittings including Rustrol® Polarization Cells, Cathodic Isolators®, Surge Seals® and Gas Gaps®.

Casing Fillers, Isolators, End Seals and Link Seals.

Impressed Current Anodes – graphite, high silicon chromium cast iron,  and magnetite.

Precious Metal and Ceramic Anodes – platinized titanium, platinum-niobium and tantalum.

Cathodic Protection Rectifiers.

Underground Cable, Thermit Weld Equipment, Underground Epoxy Splice Kits.

Test Stations and Reference Electrodes.

Select Anode Backfill – for Galvanic (blends of gypsum, Wyoming bentonite, sodium sulphate) for Impressed Current (Cokebreeze, Loresco DW1, SC2, SC3).

Pipeline Cleaners/Polly Pigs.

Protective Coatings and Tapes – to complement cathodic protection and for high temperature applications.

Instrumentation – for corrosion testing and cathodic protection system monitoriing.

Holiday Detectors, Voltmeters, Pipe Locators and Current Interrupters.

Only the Highest Quality at Competitive Pricing

Contact our dedicated team of Cathodic Protection Design Experts to help you determine the scope of your applications and operations. We will be pleased to send you our complete catalogue of products and services directly to your door.

Rustrol: Sales and Service