CanFix Emergency Pipe Repair Kit

CanFix Emergency Pipe Repair Kit is a complete system for performing emergency repairs on a range of pipe materials under challenging conditions. This product is simple and economical to use for solving problems with leaks on site and is engineered for maximum safety and protection.

CanFix consists of a patented, fiberglass cloth impregnated with water activated resin that sets in minutes with no measuring, mixing or messy clean-up. Each kit contains a roll of CanFix cloth, a “two part epoxy”; for filling and sealing, a pair of latex gloves, and complete instructions for use.

Product Applications:

  • Emergency Repairs to Fuel Lines
  • Leaking Steam Lines & Fittings
  • Water & Fluid Lines
  • Corrosion Protection Coating
  • Leaking Hydraulic Lines
  • Riser Exhaust

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Pressure Retained (8 layers applied): 1000 PSI
  • Tensile Strength: 24,900 PSI
  • Flexural Strength: 16,100 PSI
  • Compression Strength: 26,600 PSI
  • Dielectric Strength: 16,060 Volts
  • Heat Resistant: 500°F (intermittent)
  • Colour: White or Grey
  • Setting Time @ 70°F (21°C): 30 min.
  • Setting Time @ 42°F (6°C): 3 hrs.
  • Setting Time @ 35°F (2°C): 6.5 hrs.