Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems

ICCC also manufactures the Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems for worldwide distribution. As you probably know, Polarization Cells and the solid-state Cathodic Isolator® are an essential component for safely isolating cathodically protected structures (i.e. pipelines).

Rustrol® Systems are designed to protect personnel and equipment from electrical disturbances. Rustrol® Systems effectively block cathodic protection DC voltages; all other electrical disturbances are freely conducted to ground, such as:

  • AC Fault Currents
  • Mitigation of induced AC Voltages
  • Lightning

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Rustrol® Polarization Cell

Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems

The Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems are rated for up to 100 kA AC fault current capacities, in 5 kA increments. Each Cell System is capable of blocking 1.7 volts DC.   A full product line is available to meet the challenge of all applications.

Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems are typically specified for earthing applications where major power disturbances are not the primary exposure. Some examples include: decoupling a structure from ground rods, casings or other isolated earths. AC power pulses, lightning surges, stray DC interference and induced AC voltages are all standard applications for the Rustrol® Polarization Cell. All Cells are rated to safely pass ½ second (30 cycle) AC fault current, with a terminal potential rise across the Cell, not exceeding 15 volts rms at 20°C.

Rustrol® Polarization Cells optimize the safety of personnel and equipment. Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems are utilized to decouple massive metallic structures where electrical disturbances, caused by AC fault currents, present high-risk exposure. Typically, Rustrol® Polarization Cell Systems are specified for direct connections across isolation flange assemblies; between pipe-type cable systems and station ground; or between cathodically protected structures and the electrical grounding system neutral.