Welcome to ICCC and Rustrol®

Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company Limited (ICCC) provides professional engineering services and the supply and manufacture of Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection Materials to major “End-Users” throughout North America. ICCC is a corporate member of The Association for Materials Protection & Performance (AMPP), formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), with experienced Corrosion Engineers on staff, specializing in the protection of buried or immersed steel structures (i.e., water/natural gas pipelines, fuel storage tanks, petroleum refineries, et al) by the proven technique of Cathodic Protection.

ICCC manufactures a variety of Product Lines to serve our focused Industry. With 65+ years experience in the corrosion control/cathodic protection business, ICCC is highly qualified to offer sound engineering design and high quality products to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

In addition, ICCC manufacturers the Rustrol® Product Line, for world-wide distribution. Rustrol® Systems provide the Industry the flexibility to design electrically safe Cathodic Protection Systems whereby, the combination of absolute AC continuity to the grounding network and nominal DC blockage required for Cathodic Protection, can be achieved when undertaking corrosion control design. Rustrol® Systems are designed and utilized world-wide to protect the safety of the general public, operating personnel and equipment during electrical disturbances (i.e., AC Fault Currents, Lightning, AC Induced Voltage/AC Mitigation, etc.).


Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company Limited (ICCC) is Federally Incorporated and has continuously operated business in Burlington, Ontario, Canada since 1957. Realizing that ICCC was outgrowing our prior facility, a commitment was taken to move to our new head office and manufacturing facility. In March of 1990, the company relocated to our purpose built facilities located at 930 Sheldon Court, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

ICCC’s Clientele includes major petroleum and natural gas companies, power utility companies, the water utilities for most major cities and municipalities throughout Canada, as well as many other industry related Clients and Contractors across North America. ICCC is a corporate member of the The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA), American Gas Association (AGA), European Committee for the Study of Corrosion (CeoCor), the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and the Institute of Corrosion U.K. (ICorr).

To assist ICCC’s continued efforts to expand and service our market throughout North America, in 1972, Interprovincial Corrosion Control Company Ltd. incorporated an affiliated company, International Corrosion Control Inc. (ICC), located in Lewiston, N.Y., U.S.A.

Through the years, ICCC has pursued “Third Party” certification for numerous products including the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP, and Rustrol® DC-Decoupler™, Model: DCD to achieve worldwide recognition and to expand our business opportunities.

  • 2007, ICCC became certified under ATEX within the European Union
  • 2012 with ETL within North America
  • 2013 with IECEx which covers 33 countries internationally
    (Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom, UAE, etc.)
  • 2014 with KCs within South Korea
  • 2015 with QPS (Model: DCD) within North America
  • 2019 with QPS (Model: SSP) within North America
  • 2024 with UKEx within the United Kingdom

Product development and innovation continues to be an integral part of the expansion and development of ICCC. In 2008, ICCC introduced the Drive-In “Silver Bullet” Anode to the market. In 2012, the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP-ETL was introduced as a new expansion to the SSP Series. In 2015, the Rustrol® DC Decoupler, Model: DCD-ATEX came to market, and in 2016, ICCC designed the Tower Support Anode System™ (TSAS).

ICCC retains a strong presence both within the North American and Worldwide market through its commitment to attend and exhibit at major industry conferences each year. Annually ICCC attends and exhibits at NACE conferences both in Canada and the USA, CEOCOR in Europe, AWWA in the USA and ICorr in the UK.

ICCC has always valued the importance of Industry Recognition, therefore ICCC advertises monthly in multiple Industry magazines and journals including Pipeline and Gas Journal, Corrosion & Materials (Australia), Journal of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), Corrosion Management (ICorr – UK), Material Performance (NACE), Environmental Science & Engineering, Western Canada Water and Ontario Pipeline. ICCC is also listed in online Industry sourcebooks such as AWWA Sourcebook, Pipeline and Gas Buyer’s Guide and NACE Materials Performance Buyer’s Guide.

A Wide Range of Cathodic Protection Materials are available including:
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  • Sacrificial Anodes, (i.e., MAXMAG® Magnesium and Zinc)
  • Impressed Current Anodes
  • Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
  • Testing and Survey Instrumentation
  • Test Stations and Line Markers
  • Pipeline Pigging Products
  • Monolithic Isolating Joints (IsoBloc®) and Di-Electric Unions
  • Corrosion Pipe Tape (PetroWrap®)