Internal Corrosion Monitoring Coupon

The CorrView is an “Internal” corrosion monitoring device designed specifically to monitor “Wall Thickness Loss” of a metallic structure (i.e. Pipelines, Refineries, Pump Stations, etc.), caused by corrosion and/or erosion. Wall Thickness Loss is a major challenge to the Oil and Gas Industry that causes unexpected failures to metallic structures.

Typically, the CorrView Coupon is more economical than standard coupons, as it does not require Laboratory Evaluation. The CorrView Coupon provides real time monitoring of Wall Thickness Loss associated with corrosion and/or erosion.

Corrosion activities within the metallic structure depends on numerous variables such as: the product flowing through the metallic structure, chemical inhibitors, oxidation deposit, and/or microbiological influence.

Erosion within Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems are typically a demanding monitoring requirement, therefore numerous Software Models are created to forecast the “Theoretical” Wall Thickness Loss. In general, modeling is as accurate as the information uploaded into the software, therefore, in order to create an accurate Model, “intensive” research and “costly” investigation is required for each location/facility.

The CorrView Coupon is designed with a unique mechanism, and constructed with a specific preset Wall Thickness that utilizes the same material as the monitored metallic structure. The preset Wall Thickness of the CorrView Coupon is based on the “critical” Wall Thickness Loss acceptable by the End-User and/or Engineered Design Life Expectancy.

The CorrView Coupon is designed with standard hex head plug configuration, and could be installed in any threaded opening to the metallic structure (i.e. Pipeline, Tank, Refineries, etc.). The CorrView Coupon is furnished with front view glass that typically displays a white colour, which indicates “No” critical Wall Thickness Loss.

As the CorrView Coupon corrodes, the preset Wall Thickness of CorrView Coupon deteriorates, which causes the colour to change to a bright fluorescent orange that is easily recognized, as a warning of a “Critical” Wall Thickness Loss.

The CorrView Coupon does not require external Power Supply, Monitoring Gauge and will operate with limited maintenance.

The CorrView Coupon can be installed readily to the following:

  • Condenser or Process Piping Systems.
  • Drain Systems.
  • Dead End or Future Pipeline Infrastructure.
  • Low Flow or No-Flow Area within an Operating System.
  • Low Horizontal Pipeline Locations.
  • Bottom Areas of the Pipeline Infrastructure.
  • Chemically Untreated Pipeline Systems.

To request a Quotation of the CorrView Coupon, please provide the following basic information:

  • The material of the metallic structure (i.e. Carbon Steel, etc.)
  • The required preset “critical” Wall Thickness (i.e. 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, etc.).

For additional information and Selection Guidelines, please review the CorrView Coupon Brochure and contact Interprovincial/International Corrosion Control Co. for detailed product information and/or a Commercial Proposal.