Cathodic Protection Rectifier by
Universal Rectifier

Cathodic Protection Rectifiers are used worldwide, more than any source of impressed current power. ICCC offers a complete line of Cathodic Protection Rectifiers and standard components for replacement purposes, which meet our customers’ requirements.

A wide variety of standard, custom options or special purpose Cathodic Protection Rectifiers, suited to most applications, are available.

Product Brochures
Universal Rectifiers Inc.

Universal Rectifiers

Universal Rectifiers are manufactured and designed based on many years of service in the Cathodic Protection industry. There is an extensive numbers of standard and custom products available for cathodic protection applications:

  • Air Cooled
  • Oil Immersed
  • Explosion Proof
  • Special Purpose
  • Custom Design
  • C.S.A., E.T.L. and Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) Approved models