Scotchcast Resin Splice Kit 90-B1

Scotchcast Splicing Kit, manufactured by 3M is the ideal product for protection against moisture and corrosive chemicals at wire splices. The Scotchcast Resin Splice Kit 90-B1 is designed for use in weather-exposed or direct-burial applications.

The product is typically utilized in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System applications, for performing tap or branch splices on unshielded, synthetic insulated, cables rated up to a maximum of 1000 volts.

The epoxy resin from Scotchcast Splicing Kits can accomodate a wide range of wire configurations and can be easy applied in field conditions; it cures in approximately 30 minutes at temperatures of 60º F and above.

Scotchcast Splicing Kit 90-B1 will accommodate the following connector and conductor sizes:

Kit No.Cable O.D.Conductor SizeSheath Opening
90-B1Feeder Cable
1/2' (13 mm) to 13/16' (21 mm)
Split Bolt
1/0 AWG (max.)
3' (76 mm) maximum
Branch Cable
3/8' (10 mm) max.
2/0 AWG (max.)
3' (76 mm) maximum