MAXMAG® Magnesium Anodes

MAXMAG® Magnesium Anodes are the most widely used sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection of metallic structures buried in soil or other electrolytes. MAXMAG® Magnesium Anodes produce maximum driving potential, offering more protective DC current for cathodic protection purposes and are available in a complete line of weights, shapes and dimensions. Magnesium Anodes are manufactured to strict ASTM standards of chemistry, production control, testing and certification. They are available packaged inside a cardboard tube or inside a cotton bag, surrounded by pre-mixed Galvanic Backfill.

“ULC Listed” Tank Anodes

“ULC Listed” Tank Anodes are designed for use in the Cathodic Protection of steel underground tanks which have been coated and installed in accordance with standard requirements. “ULC Listed” Anodes are manufactured from cast or extruded magnesium material on a hot dipped galvanized mild carbon steel bar (core) to strict standards of chemistry, production control, testing and certification. The anode surfaces are surrounded by a chemical backfill mixture contained in a moisture absorbing cardboard tube.

The “ULC Listed” Magnesium Standard Potential Anodes achieved the most current ULC Listing, in compliance with CAN/ULC-S603.1:2017 Standard.
UL Certificate of Compliance.

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“ULC Listed” Tank Anodes

GALVOLINE Magnesium Ribbon Anodes

The GALVOLINE Magnesium Ribbon Anodes offer important advantages in cost, performance and ease of installation and are ideally used in environments with high resistivity soil/electrolyte.

GALVOLINE Ribbon Anode is available as 3/8” x 3/4” extrude ribbon, manufactured with the high-current output composition.

GALVOLINE Magnesium Ribbon Anodes are manufactured in accordance with a high quality assurance process which includes composition analysis and performance testing of production anodes, core wire centering, surface finish, internal soundness, anode weight, and packaging.