Cott Cathodic Protection Test Stations

The Cott Cathodic Protection “Fink” Test Stations are designed to conveniently monitor electrical current and potentials associated with all types of underground pipelines, tanks, cables or other metallic structures. The Fink terminal boards can accommodate Cott shunts, slide resistors, banana jacks, burndy connectors and are available with ZapGuard®.

The ZapGard® Cathodic Protection Fink Test Station can accommodate up to 10 test leads and, includes the unique shock guard to protect personnel from accidental contact with the electrical terminals and banana plug terminals for all test leads. The ZapGard® test station provides all the ruggedness of the BigFink® test station plus the safety features of the ZapGard®.


The Cott Test Stations are available in a wide variety of colours with standard support posts ranging from 6 to 40 feet in length.

Cott Manufacturing produces a complete line of maintenance free Cathodic Protection Test Stations, utilized worldwide by oil, natural gas, chemical and water pipeline companies.