Zinc Anode Cor-Collars

Due to the self-sacrificing characteristics of zinc alloy, the Zinc Anode Cor-Collars are used as galvanic anodes for Cathodic Protection of metal structures in brackish and saltwater environments, providing low cost protection against corrosion.

Zinc Anode Cor-Collars have been designed to provide maximum performance and reliability, offering protective DC current for Cathodic Protection purposes. The Zinc Anode Cor-Collars are manufactured to meet ASTM B 418 (latest edition) strict standards of chemistry, production control, testing and certification.

Zinc Anode Cor-Collars can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Stainless steel hardware is used.

Ideal applications of Cor-Collars include:

  • Heat exchangers;
  • Vessels;
  • Ballast Tanks;
  • Fire Hydrants;
  • Service boxes;
  • Copper water services.

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Zinc Anode Cor-Collar