Pigs Unlimited Pipeline Cleaners (Pigs)

Pipeline pigs are used to mechanically and chemically clean the full length of a pipeline. Pigs Unlimited offer a comprehensive line of pipeline cleaning products designed and manufactured to assure maximum pipeline cleaning performance.

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Pig Types and Models

  • Foam Pigs, available in various styles and sizes ranging from 2” to 48” nominal pipe diameters, are typically used for wiping, drying, batching, separating, scraping and cleaning the pipeline.
  • Solid Cast Pigs, are available in many configurations (including spherical, cup-type and disc-type), and prove to be very efficient, general purpose pigs for batching, displacement and routine pigging applications.
  • Steel Mandrel Pigs, provided in sizes ranging from 2” to 48” nominal pipe diameters, with configuration including standard cup, disc, conical, multi-disc, articulated pigs.

Also available are pigging related products including: Pig Detectors, Launchers and Receivers, Closures, Pig Trackers and Pingers.