Handy Caps by Royston

The Royston Handy Caps are designed for buried applications, and may be used to protect anode lead wire, and test wire weld areas/connections.

Use of a Royston Handy Cap is economical as the application onto a welded connection is simple and easy. Handy Caps are ideal for use in limited access situations, they can be manipulated easily and applied at arm’s length.

The elastomeric tape possesses exceptional adhesive properties and is resistant to all normally encountered application and operation temperatures.

ICCC offers 3 types of Royston Handy Caps, and Roybond 747 Primers:

  • Handy Cap
  • Handy Cap IP
  • Handy Cap XL IP

The Royston Handy Caps are tested in accordance to ASTM D1000

No further weld/connection protection is necessary when Royston Handy Cap cover the entire exposed metal area.

Calpico T-Cap

Pre-Filled Thermite Weld Caps

The Calpico T-Caps are ideal for covering welds made on jumper cables, or when attaching anode wire to pipes, fittings or tanks.

The T-Caps can be installed by simply removing the release paper and affixing it manually over the thermitweld connection.

The product contained within the plastic igloo type material is a soft rubberized compound. This compound flows around the weld and wire connection to form a resistant insulation around the thermitweld.

It is advisable to apply Calpico #22 Primer before applying the T-Caps.

Product Brochures
Calpico T-Caps Brochure