Gerome Cathodic Protection Test Station

The Gerome Cathodic Protection Test Stations are designed to conveniently monitor electrical current and potentials associated with all types of underground pipelines, tanks, cables or other metallic structures.

The design of the Gerome Test Stations allows easy access to the terminal board for personnel testing. Gerome Test Stations are manufactured with cast aluminium making them rugged and durable.

Gerome offers a variety of Cathodic Protection Test Stations and associated products, including:

  • Pipe Mounted Test Station
  • Curb Boxes for Paved Locations
  • Pipeline Markers, Vent Markers
  • Vents, Complete Assemblies

Valvco Test Station

All Valvco Test Stations are made of high impact, strong and durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic shafts and heavy-duty cast iron covers and collars, exceeding the industry standard, ASTM Class 25 or higher.

The standard shaft length of the Valvco Test Station is 18”, longer or shorter shafts are available. Adjustable versions are available for any test station where top section and bottom section telescope together.

Non-conductive plastic construction eliminates electrolytic and galvanic action to ensure accurate test readings.