Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector

The Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector is designed to utilize the non-linear characteristics of metal oxide ceramics to limit the structure to electrical utilities ground potential to within 50% of the withstand voltage of electrical insulators (i.e isolating flange assembly or monolithic joint).

The Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector utilized by Electrical Utilities, Pipeline Operators or Petrochemical Industries and installed in locations exposed to electrical disturbance (i.e. Power/Electrical Surge caused by transient overvoltage, Lightning, AC Fault etc.).

The Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector can be safely buried, installed in a pit, or above ground.

Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector Common Applications

Mitigation of hazardous transient voltages across: cable sheath joint insulators, pipeline plastic jackets, sheath jacket insulations, sheath sectionalizing insulators.

Mitigation of circulating AC currents and induced AC voltages on electrically isolated pipelines, cables and other structures exposed to electrical surges.

Cross-binding of single conductor, self-contained cable systems; this is accomplished with regained confidence, due to the superior protection of Surge-Seal® between each cable cross-bonding lead and ground. The useful life of self-contained cable systems is greatly extended.

Prevention of damage to flange-type insulators, that isolate pipe-type power cables from SF6 compressed gas insulation (CGI) systems, at terminal stations in the event of a fault on the CGI system.

Major advantages of Rustrol® Surge-Seal® Protector is providing safety for personnel and equipments, instantaneous electrical conductance, versatile design, flexible installation and credible performance.

For Device Rating and Characteristics, please refer to the Surge-Seal® Protector Brochure (Latest Revision).