Copperhead Reinforced Tracer Wire

The Copperhead Reinforced Tracer Wire is an intelligent alternative to pure copper tracer wire. Copperhead Reinforced Tracer Wire combines the strength of hi-carbon steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper through a metallurgical bonding process. The result: a more cost effective composite with superior performance characteristics over traditional 100% copper wire.

The steel core and polyethylene coating of Copperhead Reinforced Tracer Wire significantly outperforms conventional copper tracer wire while providing a lower total installed cost.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • More durable, longer lasting performance;
  • Copperhead has twice the breaking strength of solid copper;
  • Reduced material cost;
  • More stable, longer term pricing;
  • Reduced threat of theft due to lack of after-market value;
  • Lighter weight, resulting in reduced shipping costs;
  • Fewer breaks during installation, fewer breaks over time.

The Copperhead Reinforced Tracer Wire can be purchased in a variety of sizes:

  • AWG #14, CCS High Strength Soft Drawn, 250#;
  • AWG #12, CCS High Strength Soft Drawn, 380#;
  • AWG #10, CCS High Strength Soft Drawn, 575#;
  • AWG #14, CCS Superflex Soft Drawn, 170#;
  • AWG #12, CCS Superflex Soft Drawn, 250#.