Thomas & Betts Kold-N-Klose®
Tape & Sealant

The Kold-N-Klose® product is an industry superior tape sealant, which is user friendly, cold applied, anti-corrosive and moisture resistant tape system. The Kold-N-Klose® will protect both above and below grade piping structures, mechanical joints/fittings, tracer wire and cable connections and is a superior moisture sealant for cable splices for below grade cable repairs. The Kold-N-Klose® system is a non-conductive homogenous butyl rubber primerless system designed to adhere to all types of metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Kold-N-Klose® is easy to hand apply and conforms to pipe, joints, irregular shaped fittings and structural steel, wire connections, forming a watertight barrier.

The Kold-N-Klose® Tape and Sealant has outstanding water resistant characteristics, is UV stabilized and provides an excellent dielectric barrier. Kold-N-Klose® Tape is non-toxic, environmentally safe and compatible with other coatings.

In addition, the Kold-N-Klose® Tape and Sealant offers many other benefits, such as:

  • “End-Users” realize a significant saving in product volume and labour costs for installation;
  • User friendly product application; uses standard installation techniques and procedures, requiring minimal personnel training;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Versatile in range of temperature (-30° to +60° C);
  • UV stabilized;
  • Primerless, no primer required;
  • No external propane torch or pre-heating required.

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