Clamps and Connectors

Anode/Pipe Clamps – Type GA2-XX & GA3-XX

High-conductivity copper ground connectors for connecting small to medium size copper ground conductors to water pipes, and structural/reinforcing rod shapes. Universal acceptance of several sizes of cylindrical shapes makes this suitable for industrial construction and maintenance work as well as Cathodic Protection. Cable clamp swivels to permit parallel grounding of one pipe or 90 degree cable run for grounding several parallel pipes. Single wrench installation.

Features and benefits

  • Cable clamp swivels at 90°, permitting parallel grounding of one pipe or a 90° cable run for grounding several parallel pipes.
  • One-wrench, simplified installation.
  • Corrosion resistant bronze/durium hardware, long lasting corrosion resistance, acceptable for direct burial within soil or concrete.

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Anode/Pipe Clamps

Split Bolt – Connectors – Type KS Servit

The Split Bolts manufactured by Burndy are used for spliced wire connections for both galvanic and impressed current Cathodic Protection applications. The connectors can be utilized for a wide range of wire diameters (from # 14 to 4/0 AWG), for various types of conductors. The Split Bolts are manufactured from high purity copper, respecting strict quality control standard, and meet the Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association requirements.

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Split Bolt Connectors

C-Taps – Connectors for Copper Cables

ICCC provides connectors for copper cables – C-Taps, manufactured by Thomas & Betts.

The C-Taps, made from high conductivity wrought copper, are ideal for pig tailing, 2-way splicing, or tapping to an unbroken continuous main. The C-Taps are colour-coded for easy matching with proper die, to ensure quality compression. These products are certified by Canadian Standards Association and UL approved for direct burial.

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C-Taps Connectors

Mechanical Grounding Connectors

For connecting grounding conductor to either steel or copper pipe, rod or tubing, ICCC provides a range of Blackburn Mechanical Grounding Connectors. Designed for use with copper or aluminum conductor, the Blackburn Mechanical Grounding Connectors are available for various pipe sizes and conductor ranges.