IsoBloc® Monolithic Isolating Joint

The IsoBloc® Monolithic Isolating Joints are used to provide electrical sectioning and passive protection against corrosion on inlet and outlet pipes of meters, tanks, pumping stations. The Monolithic Isolating Joints manufactured by Nuovagiungas do not require any kind of maintenance, and they improve the cathodic protection of gas, water and petroleum pipelines with important savings in operation and maintenance cost.

The following product types are provided:

  • For meter service
  • For underground or above ground main pipelines
  • For special applications

Meter service IsoBloc® monolithic isolating joints are supplied with bevel or thread ends and can be also be supplied pre-fitted with a ball valve. This solution reduces installation time and costs where a valve is to be used and ensures better sealing between the joint and the valve compared to two separate parts being assembled in the field.

Insulating joint for main pipelines are available for operating pressure up to 100 bar and for special applications. IsoBloc® Monolithic Isolating Joints for special applications are available in compliance with customer’s specifications, for operating pressure up to 1000 bar, diameters up to 2500 mm, dielectric strength up to 20 KV, and for corrosive or sour environments.

ICCC markets the IsoBloc®, representing the Nuovagiungas and Prochind Monolithic Isolating Joints. Based on their patented “ closed seal technique” Nuovagiungas is the leading manufacturer of the high-end monolithic isolating joint assemblies particularly crucial on large diameter pipelines with high-pressure ratings. Other manufacturers’ use “O” ring seal gaskets for their pressure seal criteria making Nuovagiungas by far, a superior seal technique.

In addition, Prochind is enabling ICCC to supply alternative high quality products, for standard diameter pipelines with lower pressure ratings, at competitive prices. Prochind’s rectangular shaped seal gasket is superior to the common “O” ring seal gasket methods utilized by other manufacturers.

Both of the IsoBloc® Monolithic Isolating Joints are manufactured with patented seal methods superior to others within the industry, ensuring a long trouble-free operating life while avoiding maintenance/replacement inconveniences and potential hazards caused by conventional “O” ring seal gasket systems.