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Rustrol® Systems

ICCC manufactures Rustrol® Systems for worldwide distribution. The Rustrol® Polarization Cell and the solid-state Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® are an essential components for safely isolating cathodically protected structures (i.e. Pipeline, On-Grade Storage Tank, etc).

Rustrol® Systems are designed to protect personnel and equipment from electrical disturbances. Rustrol® Systems effectively block cathodic protection DC voltages; all other electrical disturbances are freely conducted to utilities grounding network, such as:

  • AC Fault Current;
  • Mitigation of induced AC Voltages;
  • Lightning;
  • Surge Currents.

circle Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP

Interprovincial Corrosion Control is the original developer and manufacturer of the Solid-State Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® technology, utilizing state-of-the-art design and superior test proven, quality controlled components throughout the construction. The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® which features electronic/electrical construction throughout responds instantly and offers a 'FAIL-SAFE', maintenance-free performance in an electrolyte-free environment.

The Cathodic Isolator® Solid-State Surge Protector, Model: SSP is a type of Cathodic Isolator® manufactured with diode circuitry versus the Cathodic Isolator® Model: CI utilizing thyristor circuitry.

The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP remains the preferred product choice by 'End-Users' for most Pipelines, Above and Below Grade Storage Tanks and other similar cathodic protection applications whereby the need to block the protective DC current at the isolating assembly (flange/monolithic joint) remains crucial; however maintaining a safe and effective electrical grounding path remains paramount.

The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP is typically utilized where AC Fault Current, AC Mitigation and/or Lightning exposure of the primary structure (i.e. Pipeline, On-Grade Storage Tank, etc.) are the primary concern to the 'End-User'.

The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP is manufactured in common models with the DC Voltage Threshold typically set at 3 volts DC (optional DC voltages available), with AC Fault Current exposure of typically selected model not exceeding 70 kA @ 1 cycle /60 Hz rms (or 66 kA @ 1 cycle /50 Hz rms) in accordance with the SSP Selection Chart, as outlined within our technical brochures. DC Voltage Thresholds and other operating parameters are to be specified by the customer.

The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP utilizes diode technology within the AC Fault Current Module, offering a more economical and efficient design; typically assembled to provide for superior AC Fault Current protection and to be polarity sensitive by design.

The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP maintains safety standards for effective electrical grounding within the National Electrical Codes (NEC) and conform to the need for safe operating 'step/touch' potentials accepted worldwide (not to exceed 10 volts AC rms).

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® incorporates the 55+ years of experience with manufacturing and designing quality products. The Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP Systems are manufactured in accordance with ICCC's in-house Quality Assurance Program and are based on product 'type' testing by Independent Testing Facilities.

Independent listings with the European Community, the ATEX Directive and CE, provides the assurance to 'End-Users' of the required performance and reliability of the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® Model: SSP. To the best of our knowledge Rustrol® is the only industry related product to meet this high standard of ATEX specified criteria.

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP is bearing the CETLUS Listed Mark for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, & D Hazardous (Classified) Location.

The CETLUS Listed Mark indicates the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP has been independently tested by a “Third-Party”, and it has met the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards:

For the United States of America the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP-ETL confirms to:
ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2011 - Nonincendive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I and II, Division 2 and Class III, Division 1 and 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

For Canada, the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP-ETL certifies to:
CSA C22.2 No.213-M1987, R2008 - Non-Incendive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: SSP is superior to other Decoupling Devices since it has been certified for use in Hazardous Location in compliance with the latest North American Safety Standards.

Rustrol® products have been installed worldwide for over 55+ years with no reported failures to date, versus a number of competitive product failures reported. Again, this can be attributed to the quality of the components utilized by Rustrol® and the 'FAIL-SAFE' design.
Demand the Best, Specify Rustrol!

Proven Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection, proven by decades of service in a variety of applications, prevents corrosion of buried or submerged metallic structures.

Cathodic protection is most efficiently and uniformly applied when the primary structure is electrically isolated – (i.e. all metallic/electrical contacts with foreign metallic structures are eliminated).

Electrical isolation provides three major benefits:

  • Restriction of the required protective current to the surface of the primary structure to produce a uniform polarized level of protection;
  • Minimization of stray DC current interference;
  • Prevention of galvanic current between metallic structures.

Rustrol®s Proven Quality Assures Reliable Operation

Research and development models have undergone thorough acceptance-testing by an independent high-current test facility and have been fully approved (test data available upon request).

  • Solid-state construction
  • Non-electolytic
  • Maintenance-free
  • Simplified installation
  • Versatile protection
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Test-proven performance
circle Applications for Cost-Effective Operation

Combined with performing a key role in safe and effective corrosion control, the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator® also reduces both the capital and maintenance costs of cathodic protection systems. Cost effective applications include:

  • AC fault-current protection across isolating flanges, monolithic isolating joints and other devices;
  • Mitigation of induced AC on pipelines and other structures;
  • Lightning protection for equipment, including Cathodic Protection Rectifier systems;
  • De-coupling of the primary structure (e.g. fueling facility, pipe-type cable systems, etc.) from contact with the electrical utilities grounding network.
And these are just a few typical applications for the Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®. Other possibilities are limited only by one's imagination. Contact us today to speak with our experts or to request more information.

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