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Rustrol® Gas GapTM Lightning Protector

Lightning being one of the most unpredictable and destructive forces in nature strikes the earth more than 90 million times a year. Electrically isolated structures, (i.e., pipelines) are potentially dangerous because they are prone to an electrical charge, resulting in equipment damage and creating a safety hazard to employees and the general public alike.

Millions of dollars are lost each year because of lightning damage. Protect your valued structures from lightning exposure with the ceramic sealed Rustrol® Gas GapTM Lightning Protector.

Typical installation for the Gas GapTM is across an isolating flange assembly or monolithic isolating joint; no special mounting box is required, unless installation is within NEC Hazardous (Classified) Locations (i.e., Class I, Div. 1; Class II, Div. 1, 2).

Product Brochures

The Rustrol® Gas GapTM Lightning Protector should be utilized by Gas Transmission Operators, Oil/Petrochemical Industries, Pipeline Operators and Electrical Utilities; the Gas Gap® is typically installed in locations exposed to electrical disturbance (i.e. Lightning, Surge Current, etc.).

circle The Rustrol® Gas Gap TM Lightning Protector is available in four (4) models:
Product Brochures
  • Gas GapTM, Model - GG-100TS – 100 kA rated Light/Moderate exposure, typical for flange or Monolithic Isolating Joint Assemblies.
  • Gas GapTM, Model - GG-100TA – 100 kA rated Moderate exposure, typical for flange or Monolithic Isolating Joint Assemblies.
  • Gas GapTM, Model - GG-100TC – 100 kA rated Moderate/Sever exposure, typical for flange or Monolithic Isolating Joint Assemblies.
  • Gas GapTM, Model - GG-100QA – 100 kA rated Moderate exposure, typical for Buried Applications.

All models are provided with connecting cable and mounting brackets.

Gas GapTM Lightning Protector, Common Applications:

Rustrol® Gas GapTM Lightning Protector, maintains the advantages of electrical isolation, necessary for assuring Cathodic Protection of the primary buried/submerged metallic structures, (i.e., pipelines, tanks, etc.), while providing a safe grounding/conductive path during electrical disturbances.

Major advantages for the Gas GapTM, are Fail-Safe Operation, Maintenance-Free, and Low DC and AC Voltage Thresholds in comparison to typical Air-Filled Spark Gaps.

For Product Operating Characteristics, please refer to the Gas GapTM Lightning Protector, Brochure.


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